On Tuesday 11/04/17 Rainham 4 entertained Endurance in their play-off match.  Endurance finished on top 6-3 and so clinch the second promotion spot.  Graham Watts, Ron Weaver and John Caplen represented Rainham while Endurance fielded Sean Durkin, Malcolm Kay and Paul Cullern.  The evening started well for Endurance as Sean, Malcolm and Paul all won their opening matches against Graham, Ron and John respectively to lead 3-0.  Back came Rainham as Ron and Graham beat Sean and Paul in games 4 and 5.  Malcolm came to the table knowing that he probably had to win the game to give Endurance a chance and John must have thought the same as this was a classic.  Malcolm won the opening set but John came back strongly to win sets 2 and 3 to lead 2-1.  Somehow Malcolm won the 4th set 12-10 in a very nail-biting set and then went on to win the decider 11-5 to give Endurance a 4-2 lead after 6.  Ron, once again, came back for Rainham to take the 7th and cut Rainham's deficit to 4-3.  Then came game eight and I think all the non combatants were playing every point for their team-mate with Sean eventually taking it 3-1 to give Endurance an unassailable 5-3 victory.  With only pride to play for in the final "dead rubber" both Malcolm and Graham played less seriously than if everything was on the line and Malcolm probably wanted it a bit more to complete his treble and duly won in 5 very enjoyable sets.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WEEK 22

This week was nearly the end of the season.  I say nearly because Rainham 4 and Chatham Endurance will have to play off to decide who finishes second as both finished on 129 points.  Elsewhere the results this week were very much as one would expect given league positions and team picked to play.


Without Dave West Upnor are not the same team as this week they fielded the three "girls", Pam Butcher, Brenda Aherne and Kathy Hall.  With Gannet putting out their strongest lineup this was never going to be easy for Upnor and they were further disadvantaged when Pam was injured in only her second match and could take no further part in the match.  Phil Humphries, Doug Murray and Julian Barker took full advantage of Upnor's situation and Upnor only had Kathy's win over Phil to shgow for their evening.  Asorry end to their season.


As befitted their league position Boxley gave Endurance a real run for therior money in this 4th v 2nd encounter and the evening started very well for the home team as they jumped out to a 2-0 advantage with Bob Ellis and Rob Czik beating Malcom Kay and Paul Cullern respectively.  This result could have been very different had Paul Paulding not been playing a Maidstone league match and rather than play with 2 players a gallant, but injured, Jim Bradford jumped into the breach.  Bob went on to get a very creditable treble but Rob could not emulate this and his win over Paul proved to be his only success of the night as Malcolm Kay and Sean Durkin both gained victories at Rob's expense.  Jim could not get a victory and with Endurance winning the doubles they got a 6-4 win.

  RAINHAM  5  9  HOWARD  8  1

Manu Malhotra and Keith Chamberlain bot got trebles in this one-sided match and with Bob Mahon getting 2 this proved to be a comfortable win for Rainham as it wasn't until the final singles that Lewis Browning beat Bob.  Paul Foulser and John Foulser battled away but could do nothing to stem the tide of Rainham victories which were completed when Bob and Keith took the doubles when beating Lewis and John in a 4-set doubles.


This was another occasion this week where, in an effort to improve their league standing Hector put out a full strength side in Ben Coake, Zhong Jiao Tan and Glenn Back.  Try as they might Upnor could do nothing against this formidable trio and Vic Whiting, Peter Edwards and Mick Nicholls all ended up winless on the night, although Mick did take Ben all the way to a 5th set.  Hector completed the whitewash when winning the doubles in 3 sets, restricting Upnor to 12 points in those sets.


Rainham finished their season off in grand style with an emphatic 10-0 win over lowly Furious and also forcing a play-off to decide 2nd position in the league.  Graham Watts who has had a very good season, Vic Hope and an underplayed John Caplen all completed trebles over the luckless Furious trio of Alex Low, Michael Gibbs and Luke Barnard although Luke nearly made the play-off not needed taking John to a fifth set decider in John's opening game.  The doubles proved to be a on-sided 3-set win for Rainham 4.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-BOB ELLIS for his treble against Endurance.  Well played Bob!!!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           WEEK  21

Congratulations go to Anchorians 5 as they clinched the divisional title on Wednesday with a 7-3 win over Boxley 3.  Second place is open to 3 teams-Chatham Endurance, Rainham 4 and Boxley 3.  Elsewhere it seems that all the other teams can only play for pride this coming week-the last week of this all too short season. 


Peter Edwards, with a somewhat surprising 4-leg win over Julian Barker, was Upnor's sole success this week as Gannet won "at a canter" as the only other match to go beyond 3 sets was Gareth Fox's 5-set win over Colin Hutchins.  Phil Humphries went through the evening without dropping a set on his way to a treble.  Gareth Fox also got his first treble by beating Vic Whiting, Peter and Colin.  Julian also beat both Colin and Vic and Phil and Gareth joined up to win the doubles.


Upnor C got some revenge for their teammates reversal at Gannet when they overwhelmed Furious, completely reversing their D teams loss.  There were trebles for Dave West and Ken Walter, and Brenda Aherne got herself a double and only Jack Perham with a 4-set win in Brenda's opening game stopped her from getting 3.  Despite putting up some spirited resistance Luke Barnard and Michael Gibbs both finished the evening winless.  For good measure Upnor also took the doubles in 4 very close sets.


Rainham 5 narrowly lost this match after a very spirited performance which belied their lowly league position-indeed they led Endurance 4-3 after 7 matches with Mark Mills leading the way with a double, only losing to Malcolm Kay who had earlier lost his opening match to a very good performance from Bob Mahon.  Bob couldn't sustain this form,however, and lost to both Paul Cullern and Roger Chipperfield which stopped Roger from having a winless night.  Keith Chamberlain beat Roger to get his sole success of the night.  After the initial shock Endurance took the final 3 games of the evening, including the doubles, to just edge home 6-4

  ANCHORIANS  5  7  BOXLEY  3  3

No fewer than 4 players got doubles in this "top of the table" clash when first entertained third. Garry Kimber, Tony Slater and Jack Lolljawaheer all got 2 for Anchorians with Rob Czik also getting a double for Boxley.  Garry  and Tony both lost to Rob who had his treble taken from him in losing to Jack who lost his chance of a treble when losing to Paul Paulding giving the latter his only success.  Bob Ellis, for Boxley, had a bad night and came away winless as Anchorians finished the night by winning the doubles in straight sets.

  HOWARD  8  0  RAINHAM  4  10

For the second time this season Howard turned up with only 1 player, John Foulser, and despite taking legs from both Pat Palmer and Ron Weaver, poor young John could do nothing against Graham Watts and Rainham enjoyed the luxury of a "whitewash" victory and an early evening, and also putting them in with a chance of "nicking" second spot right at "the death".

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-GARETH FOX for his first treble.  You left it late Gareth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                WEEK  20 

Although Anchorians still remain favourites for the title 3 teams still have a shot at it if results go the right way for them-Anchorians, Endurance and Boxley.  Anchorians lead is 10 points but they only have 1 game left, against Boxley.  Endurance also have to play Boxley and have a home match with Rainham 5 first.  At the bottom it is very much as you were.  The doubles is also very close with both Anchorians and Hector at the top on 63 points.


This match effectively ruled Hector out of the runniing for the title.  Paul -Paulding was the hero for Boxxley with a treble.  He was well backed up by Bob Ellis and Kevin Whittaker who both got 2.  For Hector Min Jie Guo also got a twosome, but Ben Coake and Liu Yun Guo both drew blanks  although Ben did partner Min to a 4 set doubles win that keeps them tied at the top of the doubles table with Anchorians.  Boxley are 3rd and Hector 4th.

  UPNOR  C  10  HOWARD  8  0

This has to be Upnors easiest win of the season as Howard could only field the Foulser brothers, John and Paul and the Upnor trio of Dave West, Kathy Hall and Pam Butcher duly beat both of them and took the doubles, only dropping one set in the process with John taking the 3rd set from Pam.  This result leaves Upnor in 6th and Howard in 9th.


Another team to only field 2 players this week was Upnor D but at least Colin Hutchins won 2, only losing to Jack Perham which deprived Colin of a treble and gave the treble to  Jack.  Elsewhere Alex Low and Michael Gibbs both overcame Mick Nicholls with Alex and Jack combining to take the doubles in 4.  This leaves Furious 10th and Upnor propping everyone else up.

  RAINHAM  4  7  RAINHAM  5  3

This was a strange result in many ways with Graham Watts and Vic Hope both getting trebles and all three of the Rainham 5 players, Keith Chamberlain, Mark Mills and Jaspal Plaha beating an out of sorts Ron Weaver.  Ron did have the consolation of paretnering Vic Hope to a 4 set doubles win over their "junior" side.  Rainham 4 are 5th and Rainham 5 are 8th.


The top 2 in the division did battle at Anchorians on Wednesday night and, rather surprisingly, Chatham Endurance emerged with the win thanks to a great treble from Paul Cullern.  The last single saw 2 unbeaten players going head to head and Paul came out on top, overcoming Gary Kimber in 5 sets.  For Endurance Sean Durkin got 2, beating Tony Slater and John Barker, and Malcolm Kay brought up the rear with just the one win, over John which left John as the only player to end the night without a win.  Anchorians won the doubles in 4 and are still tied at the top of the doubles table with Hector.  Anchorians remain top with Endurance 2nd.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK;- For the 2nd week running it has to go to a player who got a treble against the table toppers.  PAUL CULLERN.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     WEEK  19

This was probably the week that the title was decided as Anchorians won and Chatham Endurance lost.  Boxley leapfrog Chatham Hector to take 3rd with a game in hand.  Elsewhere there were some close games and, looking at the table, I can only see 2 possible positional changes.

  RAINHAM  5  4  UPNOR  C  6

Dave West seems to be back to form as he got a treble against a useful Rainham 5 team.  He beat Bob Mahon, Manu Malhotra and Keith Chamberlain only dropping 1 set.  In beating Kathy Hall and Pam Butcher, Keith got a double for Rainham and with Bob beating Pam and Manu beating Kathy everyone went home with at least one win.  Upnor C won the doubles in 3 to clinch a 6-4 win.  Raiinham 5 8th, Upnor C 7th.


Chatham Endurance suffered only their 3rd, and worst, defeat of the season in this match against an improving Rainham 4 where Graham Watts inflicted the most damage with a treble with Ron Weaver getting 2 and Vic Hope a single and also winning the doubles with Ron.  For Endurance at least everyone got a single win as Paul Cullern and Sean Durkin beat Vic and Roger Chipperfield beat Ron.  Endurance remain 2nd and Rainham 4 5th.


Ben Coake was the star of the night as he got all Hectors points, getting a treble in beating Garry Kimber, John Barker and Tony Slater.  Garry, John and Tony all got the better of Liu Yun Guo and Zhong Jiao Tan and also took an easy 3 set doubles win and virtually assure themselves of the title.  Anchorians remain top while Hector drop a place to 4th.


At last Boxley play 3 opponents.  This match was "nip and tuck" all the way as there was never more than 1 point in this match.  Rob Czik was the "man of the match" as he got a well-deserved treble against Gareth Fox, Phil Humphries and Doug Murray.  Phil and Doug both bounced back and won their other 2 games against Bob Ellis and Paul Paulding who both beat Gareth Fox leaving him pointless.  Gannet also won the doubles in 3.  Gannet are 6th, while Boxley climb to 3rd.

  HOWARD  8  8  UPNOR  D  2

Unfortunately for Upnor this match went the same way as the rest of the season as both Lewis Browning and Paul Moss won all their games and combined to win the doubles.  John Foulser got Howards other point in beating Mick Nicholls who was winless.  Both Vic Whiting and Peter Edwards got consolation wins in beating John.  Howard remain 9th and Upnor 11th.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-Although Rob Czik and Graham Watts got trebles there is only 1 candidate who deserves this weeks POTW award.  For his treble against the league leaders it must go to BEN COAKE.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           WEEK 18

Very little change at the top as the top 3 teams all drew.  Boxley get ever closer to that top 3 after playing against only 2 players for the 3rd week in a row.  This weeks biggest winners were Rainham 5 which lifted them well away from any trouble at the bottom.

  UPNOR  C  4  RAINHAM  4  6

How strange is our sport.  In the first fixture between these two teams Graham Watts drew a blank, this week he gets a treble.  His victims were Dave West, Kathy Hall and Pam Butcher.  Ron Weaver chipped in with a brace for Rainham (only losing to Kathy Hall).  However the Upnor trio all overcame Vic Hope and it was left to Graham and Ron to bag the doubles to give Rainham victory.  Upnor 7th, Rainham 5th.


Boxley 3 overcame Chatham Furious, who could only field 2 players,  but Jack Perham gave them a run for their money by bagging a brace in beating both Kevin Whittaker and Bob Ellis and, with a rather surprising doubles win, put a respectable scoreline on the match.  Paul Paulding went undefeated for Boxley and Bob and Kevin both beat Luke Barnard who had the last laugh by partnering Jack to that doubles win.  Boxley 4th, Furious 10th.

  UPNOR  D  2  RAINHAM  5  8

This result flattered Rainham a little bit as 5 of the matches went to 5 sets with Upnor only winning one of them.  For Rainham, both Jaspal Singh and Mark Mills gained trebles and Manu Malhotra bagged a brace (only losing to Joanna Lam who also helped get Upnors other point (the doubles).  For Upnor both Colin Hutchins and Peter Edwards came away winless.  Upnor 11th, Rainham 8th.


In this battle between 2nd and 3rd honours were divided at the end of the evening for the second time this season.  Malcolm Kay was Endurance's hero with a hard fought treble (one match went to 18-16 in the fifth).  For Hactor Glenn Back was his usual steady self and won 2, beating both Roger Chipperfield and Sean Durkin in 4 sets.  Zhong Jiao Tan beat Roger and Min Jie Ghuo beat Sean and Glenn and Zhong combined to take the doubles in 4 to gain a deserved draw.  This match was definitely a game of 2 halves as Endurance had a 4-1 lead at one time before having to settle for a draw.  Hector 3rd, Endurance 2nd.


This was Anchorians first draw of the campaign, and they showed their fighting spirit as a team by coming back from 3-1 down to force a draw with a 4-set doubles win.  Jack Lolljawaheer had a bad night and went winless (someone is going to pay for that).  Both Gary Kimber and Tony Slater got 2 for Anchorians to go with that doubles win.  For Gannet Doug Murray got a single when beating Jack and Julian Barker got 2 only losing to Gary, with Phil Humphries also getting two, losing to Tony.  Anchorians 1st, Gannet 6th.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-Breaking a habit and, at the risk of being accused of nepotism, I have to give it to MALCOLM KAY for his treble in the top of the table clash.











                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WEEK 17

A good week for Anchorians 5, Boxley 3 and Rainham 4.  While they were all gaining 8 or more points Chatham Hector and Chatham Endurance, currently third and second respectively, were struggling to get draws against Chatham Gannet and Upnor C.  With Rainham 5 having their bye week Chatham Furious, Howard 8 and Upnor D all lost heavily and failed to close the gap significantly.

  RAINHAM 4  10  UPNOR D  0

Rainham 4 had no pity for bottom club Upnor D and although Peter Edwards put up stout resistance in taking both Vic Hope and Graham Watts to 5, and Mick Nicholls took a set off Vic Hope all the other games were won in straight sets.  Ron Weaver led the way for Rainham by not dropping a set and Graham and Vic also completed trebles at the expense of Colin Hutchins who had a bad night by not winning a set.  A straight sets doubles win completed the comprehensive win for Rainham who lie 5th with Upnor remaining last.


The Chatham Endurance trio of Malcolm Kay, Paul Cullern and Roger Chipperfield probably wish that Ken Walter had remained in semi-retirement as he completed a fine treble over the Endurance team although both Malcolm and Paul took him to 5.  Dave West got 2 victories of his own in beating Paul and Roger but Brenda Aherne could not match her team-mates successes, and with Endurance winning the doubles in 4 a hard fought draw was the final result.  Endurance remain 2nd and Upnor 7th.


On the next table to the previous match Hector and Gannet were fighting out a draw of their own with Glenn Back being in fine form and winning three.  Phil Humphries and Doug Murray both got two for Gannet in beating Ben Coake and Liu Yun Guo with Ben hitting back with a 4-set win over Julian Barker who got a solo of his own in beating Liu in 3 hard fought and close sets.  With the doubles going to Hector in straight sets the match was an honourable draw.  Hector remain 3rd but Gannet drop a place to 6th just behind Rainham 4.


Chatham Furious entertained league leaders Anchorians 5 and found out why they are favourites to win the division.  Although both Alex Low and Jack Perham beat John Barker, Michael Gibbs could not repeat their success.  Garry Kimber and Mike Barker both won all their three games, both dropping a set to the improving Alex Low, and combined to win the doubles in three.  Anchorians increase their lead at the top to 8 points while Furious remain 10th.

  HOWARD 8  2  BOXLEY 3  8

For the second successive week Boxley had an early night as their opponents could only field 2 players and while Paul Foulser and John Foulser both beat Jim Bradford who, it is reported, is suffering from a "dodgy" shoulder, Bob Ellis and Paul Paulding both won their two matches without losing a set.  The doubles was also won in straight sets by the away team who close to only 4 points behind Hector with Howard remaining 9th.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-KEN WALTER for his fine treble against 2nd in the table Endurance.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WEEK  16

This week the top two, Anchorians 5 and Chatham Endurance, find themselves looking over their shoulders at a real challenge from Chatham Hector who amassed 15 points in 2 matches to put themselves only 4 points behind Endurance and 9 behind Anchorians.  At the bottom it is still very much as you were although Howard 8 surprised a slightly weaker Anchorians team with a 6-4 victory which gives Howard a chance of escaping the bottom three.


Chatham Hector played a postponed match on Friday and emerged with a very creditable 7-3 win over a strong Upnor C team consisting of Dave West, Brenda Aherne and Kathy Hall.  This lineup did not deter the Chinese trio of Liu Yun Guo, Min Jie Guo and Zhong Jiao Tan with only Liu and Min dropping points-Liu to Dave and Min losing her opening game to Kathy.  Upnor showed their fighting spirit with a 5 set doubles win but that win coupled with another on Tuesday have lifted Hector clear of the dog fight for fourth and into a clear third spot which has the top two looking over their shoulders.

  BOXLEY  3  10  RAINHAM  5  0

Boxley must have thought their luck was in when Rainham arrived with only 2 players, Manu Malhotra and Mark Mills, and went on to complete a 10-0 whitewash with Bob Ellis, Kevin Whittaker and Paul Paulding droppping the occasional set but winning the sets that matter-the last ones.  Boxley completed their win with a hard fought 5 set doubles win but thanks to Hectors good week drop to 4th in the table 7 points behind Hector.


Philip Humphries again showed what a good player he is with a fine treble and, along with Gareth Fox, gave Endurance a "bloody nose" in the doubles to gain all of Gannets points.  Stewart Day and Gareth were, however, unable to muster a singles win and the Endurance trio of Roger Chipperfield, Paul Cullern and Sean Durkin, by all winning 2 have again trimmed Anchorians lead at the top to just 5 points thanks to Howards surprise win.


Hector added another 8 points to their seasons total to put themselves in a promising third position in the division thanks to Liu Yun Guo, with a treble, and two each for Ben Coake, who is having a very good season as a captain for the first time, and Min Jie Guo.  Alex Low again showed that he is a good prospect for the future by getting his own brace of wins but Luke Barnard and Michael Gibbs failed to trouble the scorers and a 4-set doubles win gave Hector a good win.

  UPNOR  D  3  UPNOR  C  7

In the battle for "bragging rights" Upnor C put Upnor D in their place by comfortably winning their local derby 7-3 although Joanna Lam for the "junior" side showed some spirit by getting a brace and contributing, with Mick Nicholls, to a 5 set doubles win.  For Upnor C  Brenda Aherne got her first treble of the season and was well backed up by Pam Butcher and Kathy Hall who both got 2 wins for themselves.  Colin Hutchins and Mick both had a bad night and couldn't add to the D teams tally.

  ANCHORIANS  5  4  HOWARD  8  6

lLewis Browning again showed what a good player he is with a treble against table-topping Anchorians and with Roger Sayer failing to win Lewis and his usual partner Paul Moss gained the decisive doubles win to give Howard 8 a surprise win 6-4.  For Anchorians Jack Lolljawaheer and John Barker both got doubles in beating both John Foulser and Paul Moss but could find no way past Lewis.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-For his fine treble against Anchorians this weeks prize must go to LEWIS BROWNING.


                                                                           WEEK 15

Not much movement this week although Rainham 4 have leapfrogged Boxley to go third but only two points separate Rainham in third on 79 with Boxley now in sixth on 77.  Sandwiched between these two are Hector, level on points with Rainham having played a game less with Gannet in fifth on 78.  No major changes in the bottom half of the table.



Tony Slater led the way for Anchorians with yet another treble.  He was well supported by Garry Kimber and Jack Lolljawaheer who both contributed two wins with Garry and Tony combining to take the doubles in four.  For Rainham Bob Mahon beat Jack and Manu Malhotra beat Garry but there was no joy for Keith Chamberlain who could not emulate his teammates.


An emphatic win for Gannet over the youngsters of Furious with Gannets newcomer Phillip Humphries announcing his arrival with a good treble to copy his teammate Doug Murray.  Gareth Fox could only manage a solo with a win over Alex Low leaving Alex winless, but Jack Perham and Luke Barnard both overcame Gareth.  Gannet added to their total withg a four set doubles victory.


Endurance took little pity on bottom of the table Upnor D with a workmanlike win with Upnor only having a solo win by Joanna Lam over Sean Durkin to show for their efforts.  Malcolm Kay and Paul Cullern both had trebles and Sean won his other two games over the winless Peter Edwards and Mick Nicholls who was playing his first game for 2 months.  Endurance also took the doubles in very comfortable straight sets.

  RAINHAM 4  7  BOXLEY 3  3

This was the best game of the night with four of the games going to a deciding leg which were split with 2 for each team.  Nobody could get a treble with Bob Ellis only losing to Graham Watts to deprive him of a treble.  All the Rainham team came away with 2 wins with Bob beating Ron Weaver and Vic Hope to stop them getting threesomes.  Graham lost the first game of the night to Paul Paulding but things went downhill for Paul after that and Jim Bradford was unable to add to Boxleys total.  Rainham won the doubles in 3 sets.


In another one-sided win only Lewis Browning could trouble the scorer with a solo win over Liu Yun Guo while Glenn Back and Zhong Jiao Tan both got trebles for Hector and John Foulser and brother Paul Foulser had a fruitless night for Howard.  With Hector taking the doubles in 4 they completed a comprehensive 9-1 win.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-Announcing his arrival in the league with a treble this goes to PHILLIP HUMPHRIES.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     WEEK 14

My apologies for the lateness of the report this week but as those who know me will know I have been away umpiring in Walsall.  Anyway the main movers this week are Endurance who trimmed Anchorians lead to 8 points and also pulled a couple of points further away from the 3rd and 4th placed teams.  That was the extent of  the moves this week.

  BOXLEY 3  7  UPNOR C  3

Paul Paulding continued his good run with another 3 wins against Upnor C.  Bob Ellis contributed 2 wins of his own and assisted Paul to a doubles win while Kevin Whittaker got a solo beating an 'out of sorts' and injured Dave West who got a very rare zero.  For Upnor Brenda Aherne prevailed over Kevin, but the man who spared some blushes for Upnor was Ken Walter making a rare appearance and only losing to Paul in 4 sets.


Glenn Back was 'the main man' for Hector gaining a threesome while Ben Coake finished winless and Min Jie Guo with one and a straight sets doubles win got Hector's points.  For Rainham Keith Chamberlain and Manu Malhotra both got doubles only losing to Glenn while Mark Mills got a solo when beating Ben.  The doubles win lifts Hector into 2nd in the doubles table.


Julian Barker showed what a prospect he is with a treble for Gannet while Doug Murray gained a brace, only losing in the last singles to Lewis Browning.  Gareth Fox got a single win for Gannet when beating the winless John Foulser.  For Howard Lewis won 2 and Paul Moss got a single when he beat Gareth.  The doubles was a close affair with Gannet coming from 2 sets to 1 down to win in five.


Chatham Furious only had a win by Jack Perham who came from 2 sets to 1 down to beat Roger Chipperfield to show for their evenings efforts.  The Endurance duo of Paul Cullern and Sean Durkin both came away from the match with 3 wins and also combined to gain a 4 set doubles win.  Both Luke Barnard and Michael Gibbs came away from the match with no wins.  Jack can feel a little bit hard done by as he took both Paul and Sean to 5 sets.


Ron Weaver was another player to surprisingly come away without a win when losing to the Anchorians trio of Jack Lolljawaheer, Tony Slater and John Barker with Tony getting 3, Jack 2 and John a single win.  Rainhams points came courtesy of a John Caplen double and a solo for Vic Hope plus, perhaps rather surprisingly, a straight sets doubles victory over Anchorians who were top of the doubles table.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-For the second week in a row a young Chatham player got his maiden treble.  This week it was the turn of JULIAN BARKER.


                                                                      WEEK 13

Anchorians 5 went 11 points clear of Endurance this week with a 7-3 win at Upnor C while Endurance had a bye week which enabled Rainham 4 and Boxley 3 to close the gap to only 6 and 7 points respectively.  The bottom 3 remain the same but Furious had a really surprising result but mor of that later.


Nobody could really impose themselves on this match with 4 players getting 2, 1 gaining a single and one winless.  For Rainham Manu Malhotra won 2, only losing to Doug Murray, and Jaspal Singh also won 2, only losing to Julian Barker.  Doug won 2 for Gannet, losing to Jaspal and Julian similarly won 2 for Gannet but lost to Manu.  Keith Chamberlain got a single for Rainham when he beat Gareth Fox, leaving the Chatham man winless.  Gannet won the doubles in 4. 


Garry Kimber and Tony Slater continued their fine form with trebles in beating Dave West, Pam Butcher and Brenda Aherne.  Dave and Pam both beat Jack Lolljawaheer, but Jack got his single win by triumphing over Brenda to leave her without a win.  The doubles went to Upnor in a strange match with 2 sets being shared with easy wins while the other 2 sets were both tie-breaks.

  UPNOR D  3  BOXLEY 3  7

Paul Paulding and Bob Ellis both won all their matches while Colin Hutchins, Peter Edwards and Vic Whiting all managed to get the better of Jim Bradford.  With the doubles goin g to Boxley in straight sets Boxley completed a comparatively straightforward 7-3 victory.


Ron Weaver made a rare appearance for Rainham and celebrated with a fine threesome, emulating Graham Watts efforts.  For Hector Ben Coake, Zhang Jiao Tan and Liu Yun Guo all beat an out of sorts John Caplen and Ben and Zhang managed to find a little bit extra at the end of a well fought five sets doubles match, finally winning the fifth set 11-7 to limit the score to 6-4 to Rainham.


This has to go down as the surprise result of the season in Division 3 when a two-man Furious team managed a very creditable draw against a full strength Howard side who only the previous week had held Endurance to a draw with the same team.  Luke Barnard beat both Lewis Browning and John Foulser, only losing to Paul Moss in 4 close sets.  The real star of this match was young Alex Low who got the first hat-trick of his career in beating Lewis, Paul and John in what was a close fought match.  The Furious duo nearly pulled off a win, only succumbing in the doubles 13-11 in the fifth.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-Only one candidate this week.  ALEX LOW who as previously reported got his first ever hat-trick.  Well done Alex.                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        WEEK 12

Welcome back and I hope you all had a nice Christmas and New Year.  There was very little change in the first week after the break.  Anchorians edged two more points clear of Endurance and Rainham 4 leapfrogged Hector and Boxley as the latter two didn't play for various reasons.  The big winners this week were Rainham 5 who have caught the pack and are only 2 points behind Upnor C and a mere 8 behind their 4th team who lie third.  This means that Upnor D and Chatham Furious still occupy the bottom 2 places.


A very hard fought encounter with Lewis Browning showing he is a force in this division with a very good treble.  Paul Cullern and Roger Chipperfield both got 2 for Endurance but Malcolm Kay had a bad night and only managed a single when he beat John Foulser only to lose to Paul Moss in his next game, giving Paul his only win.  Paul joined Lewis to beat Malcolm and Roger in 4 sets in the doubles.  Endurance remain 2nd and Howard 9th.


Chatham Furious had only a single win by Luke Barnard over Mark Mills to show for their efforts in this largely one-sided encounter.  Jaspal Singh Plaha and Bob Mahon both got trebles over the Furious trio of Alex Low, Michael Gibbs and Luke and also won the doubles in 3 fairly comfortable sets.  Rainham remain 8th but get closer to the pack while Furious remain 10th.


Rainham 4 will look on this match as a lost opportunity as despite arriving with only 2 players they left, heads held high, with a draw.  Graham Watts was the main man for Rainham as he got a treble and also partnered Vic Hope to the doubles in 4.  For Gannet, Doug Murray and Asim Yusuf both beat Vic but Gareth Fox was unable to emulate them and finished with no wins.   This result means Rainham climb to 3rd and Gannet go up 1 place to 6th.


This top versus bottom meeting went the way of the top team but perhaps not by the scoreline that might have been anticipated.  Jack Lolljawaheer showed his class by getting 3 and John Barker got a brace while Roger Sayer got a single win, over Peter Edwards.  For Upnor Colin Hutchins beat both Roger and John and Joanna Lam got the better of Colin.  The doubles also went the way of Anchorians but only after 5 hard fought sets.  This result leaves Anchorians at the top and Upnor the other end of the table.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-Lewis Browning for an excellent treble over the 2nd placed team.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          WEEK 11

  Firstly may I wish all our Division three players and captains a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

  Secondly-a small complaint.  Will all team captains please ensure that the doubles players are clearly marked on the scorecards before submitting them.  I have to have those details to enter them on to the computer.

  This has to be the closest competition in my memory.  Anchorians 5 lead Chatham Endurance by 2 points with Chatham Hector in third a further 8 points back but then there are only 8 points between third and seventh.  The bottom is more clear cut and all I can say to those teams is "all to play for".


For the second time in as many weeks Boxley have "knocked over" one of the top two teams.  In this match which features 3 doubles and 3 singles, nobody got a maximum and nobody went away empty-handed.  For Endurance Roger Chipperfield was only deprived of a maximum by Bob Ellis, who in turn was only denied a maximum of his own by Sean Durkin.  Paul Paulding was likewise stopped from getting a maximum of his own by Roger.  There were singles for Paul Cullern in beating Jim Bradford, and Sean Durkin with his win over Bob for Endurance and Jim Bradford's solo over Sean.  With the doubles going to Boxley in 3 the match finished 6-4 to Boxley.


With trebles for Zhang Jiao Tan and Liu Yun Guo plus a single win for Min Jie Guo and a straight sets doubles victory Hector leapfrogged back over Boxley into 3rd spot in the division.  While Colin Hutchins and Vic Whiting both beat Min Jie, Peter Edward was unable to emulate his team mates and the end result was a comfortable 8-2 win for Hector.


This was a "mirror image" of the match played on the adjoining table between Hector and Upnor but this time the away team took the spoils.  Graham Watts and Vic Hope both added trebles and Pat Palmer a single to Rainham's tally and a 4-set doubles win completed Rainham's win.  For Furious both Jack Perham and Alex Low managed to beat Pat, but Luke Barnard didn't trouble the scorers and the match score was 8-2 to Rainham

  HOWARD 8  5  RAINHAM 5  5

Star of the evening was Lewis Browning who helped himself to a treble and with Paul Moss won the doubles.  Paul Moss had a singles win over Manu Malhotra to show for his efforts but John Foulser had a bad evening with no wins.  There were doubles for Mark Mils and Jaspal Singh for Rainham plus a single for Manu and the evening ended all square at 5-5.


Both teams were weaker than usual with Doug Murray not playing for Gannet and neither Kathy nor Brenda playing for Upnor.  This was an unusual match inasmuch as no fewer than 4 players gained doubles.  For Gannet Gareth Fox only lost to Dave West and Asim Yusuf only lost to Pam Butcher.  For Upnor Dave West was beaten only by Asim and Pam only lost to Gareth.  With Julian Barker getting a single win over Peter Edwards, playing up from Upnor D, it left Peter winless and it was left to Upnor to get a 4-set doubles win to force the draw.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-LEWIS BROWNING for a fine treble in his sides draw with Rainham 5.





                                                                                 WEEK 10

Anchorians 5 still sit proudly at the top of the table, but have had their lead trimmed to 6 points over Chatham Endurance, thanks to their first defeat of the season, at Boxley, who have nipped in front of Chatham Hector into third spot.  The bottom three remained unchanged from the previous week.


Rainham 5 had Keith Chamberlain to thank for both their points at home to Chatham Endurance this week.  He beat Roger Chipperfield and Sean Durkin, both in five close legs but like his team mates Mark Mills and Chris Nicholas had no answer to Malcolm Kay's steady play.  Indeed Malcolm went the evening without dropping a leg in any of his 3 singles games.  Roger and Sean both got doubles although Sean had to work hard to overcome Mark in 5 sets.  Endurance also won the doubles in 4 legs.


Anchorians suffered their first reverse of the season on Monday night at Boxley.  The Boxley trio of Bob Ellis, Kevin Whittaker and Paul Paulding all won 2 games, Bob and Kevin both losing to Tony Slater who got a double of his own, and Paul losing in his final game to Gary Kimber giving Paul his only loss and Gary his sole win.  Roger Sayer, despite taking Bob to 5 lost all his games, and with Anchorians taking the doubles in 5 legs Boxley ran out 6-4 winers.


Upnor C continue their climb up the table with this one-way win over Chatham Furious who only had Jack Perham's straight sets win over Kathy Hall to show for their evenings toil.  Dave West and Pam Butcher both got trebles over Jack, Alex Low and Michael Gibbs.  With Kathy winning her other 2 games and a 3 set doubles win Upnor ran out 9-1 winners.


Chatham Gannet enjoyed a fairly comnfortable win over bottom club Upnor D on Tuesday night on Frog Island.  Doug Murray led the way for Gannet with a treble, and with Gareth Fox getting 2 and Stewart Day 1 plus a straight sets doubles win Gannet won 7-3.  For Upnor Colin Hutchins only lost to Doug and Vic Whiting beat Stewart but Peter Edwards, although taking a set from Stewart was unable to trouble the scorers further.

  RAINHAM 4  8  HOWARD 8  2

This was a straightforward win for Rainham with Howard having only Lewis Browning's win over John Caplen and a 5-set doubles win to give them any joy.  Graham Watts and Vic Hope both went the evening unbeaten while John got a twosome for Rainham.  It was a fruitless night for both John Foulser and Paul Moss for the Howard boys.

PLAYER(S) OF THE WEEK:-THE BOXLEY TRIO for their victory over the previously untouchable Anchorians.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            WEEK 9

Anchorians have firmly positioned themselves as front runners having beaten Chatham Endurance 6-4 this week with Chatham Hector in third.  No change at the bottom although Chatham Furious had a good win over bottom club Upnor D with Howard 8 just above both teams.

  RAINHAM 5  4  RAINHAM 4  6

In the battle of the two Rainham teams the honours went to the "senior side" albeit only just, 6-4 being the final score.  Bob Mahon got 2 for the 5th team, only losing to Pat Palmer who got a double of his own, as did John Caplen and Vic Hope for the 4th team.  Keith Chamberlain beat Pat and Rainham 5 won the doubles in straight sets but Chris Nicholas for Rainham 5 couldn't get a victory.


Gary Kimber was the hero for Anchorians in this top of the table clash winning all three of his singles and, helped by John Barker, also took Endurance's unbeaten doubles record from them.  John and Jack Lolljawaheer both beat Roger Chipperfield who ended the evening winless.  For Endurance Malcolm Kay and Paul Cullern both got braces, only losing out to the unstoppable Gary.


In yet another 6-4 result Glenn Back added to his reputation by recording a fine treble against the Boxley trio of Paul Paulding, Rob Czik and Jim Bradford.  Ben Coake, for Hector, chipped in with two of his own and with Glenn won the doubles.  Liu Yun Guo couldn't add to Hector's total and Paul, with a double, and Rob and Jim completed Boxley's total, both beating Liu Yun.


The youngsters of Chatham Furious finally got the win their efforts this season warranted with a good win over bottom club Upnor D 8-2.  There were trebles for Luke Barnard and Jack Perham over the Upnor trio of Joanna Lam, Vic Whiting and Mick Nicholls.  Joanna and Vic both beat the third member of the Furious team, Michael Gibbs who got his sole win in beating Mick.  Furious also won the doubles in 5 sets.

  HOWARD 8  5  UPNOR C  5

This match was spoilt somewhat by an injury to Pam Butcher who couldn't complete her evening against Jordan Weller.  For Howard Paul Moss beat Pam, losing to Kathy Hall and Brenda Aherne.  Jordan won both the singles matches he played, against Kathy and Brenda.  Perhaps luckily for Upnor Howard could only field 2 players so their 5 wins were Brenda and Kathy beating Paul plus the three unplayed games, with Howard getting the draw with a 5 set doubles win.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-GARRY KIMBER.  In a top of the table clash he was the best player on show.



                                                                                 WEEK 8

No change at the top or bottom of the table this week, although with their 2-8 loss at Anchorians the Chatham Hector team have lost a bit of leeway between themselves and Chatham Endurance.  Howard 8, Chatham Furious and Upnor D still lie in the bottom three positions.


Chatham Gannet turned up at Boxley on Monday with only Doug Murray and Gareth Fox but put up a good fight only losing 6-4 with Doug getting 2, only losing to Rob Czik, and Gareth beating Jim Bradford plus a straight sets doubles win.  For Boxley Rob won both his games and Paul Paulding beat Gareth with Jim losing to both Doug and Gareth and Gannet probably left thinking what might have been.

  UPNOR C  5  RAINHAM 5  5

Dave West kept Upnor going in this match between two old adversaries beating Jaspal Plaha, Bob Mahon and Manu Malhotra, although Jaspal might consider himself a bit unlucky not to get three as he only lost to Dave 11-9 in the fifth.  Kathy Hall added a single for Upnor in beating Manu, but Brenda Aherne could not get on the winners list.  For Rainham Jaspal and Bob gained braces and Manu a solitary win and with Upnor winning the doubles in 3 straight the final result was a draw.


For Endurance Malcolm Kay got a treble and with Sean Durkin getting a brace, Roger Chipperfield one and a five set doubles win they ran out 7-3 winners.  For Rainham Graham Watts got 2 in beating Sean and Roger and Vic Hope also beat Roger.  Unfortunately Pat Palmer had nothing to show for his efforts on the evening and the final result kept Endurance within touching distance of Anchorians.

  UPNOR D  4  HOWARD 8  6

Howard 8 parade their new signing Jordan Weller and he promptly showed what an asset he is going to be by winning all his singles and assisting Lewis Browning to a straight sets doubles win.  Lewis only lost to Colin Hutchins of Upnor.  With Joanna Lam and Peter Edwards both beating John Foulser along with Colin, Upnor ran Howard close.  In fact after 7 of the games Upnor were leading 4-3 until Howard won the three remaining games to run out close winners.


Anchorians ended Hector's unbeaten run in emphatic style on home ground on Wednesday.  Tony Slater with three and Jack Lolljawaheer and John Barker with two apiece plus yet another straight sets doubles win completed the scoring for Anchorians.  Only Glenn Back was able to match Anchorians as he beat both Jack and John, but Ben Coake and Zhang Jiao Tan couldn't handle the home team and both left the scorers untroubled.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-Jordan Weller who announced his arrival with a good threesome.



                                                                          WEEK 7

Anchorians are starting to open a gap at the top as they won 8-2 at Chatham Gannet while Chatham Endurance and Chatham Hector were fighting out an exciting draw.  The bottom three are still the same with a bit of a gap developing as Rainham 5 opened the gap between themseves and Howard 8 to 12 points.

  RAINHAM 5  9  UPNOR D  1

Rainham 5, fielding what must be their strongest side, romped to a 9-1 win over bottom side Upnor D with only Vic Whiting registering a win for Upnor  in beating Bob Mahon.  Jaspal Plaha and Mark Mills won three each,both recording their second threesome of the season.  For Upnor Joanna Lam and Mick Nicholls both fought hard, especially Joanna as she took both Bob and Jaspal to the fifth set.  The doubles went the way of the home side in three straight to give Rainham their best win of the season so far.


Endurance won the first two games of the evening with Malcolm Kay beating Glenn Back and Paul Cullern beating Ben Coake.  Hector fought back and made it 2 all as Zhang Jiao Tan and Glenn Back beat  Sean Durkin and Paul Cullern respectively.  The next four games were also shared as Malcolm beat Zhang, only for Ben to beat Sean.  Paul then beat Zhang with Glenn pulling it back to 4 all in beating Sean.  Ben then gave Hector their first lead of the night by beating Malcolm and it was left to Malcolm and Paul to beat Glenn and Ben in the doubles to leave it "honours even" in a very hard fought draw.


Doug Murray and Gareth Fox gave Gannet an early 2-1 lead as they beat Michael Barker and Jack Lolljawaheer respectively, with Tony Slater replying with a win over Stewart Day.  That was as good as it got for Gannet as Anchorians reeled off the next seven games with wins for Michael over Stewart and Gareth, Tony beating Doug and Gareth and Jack beating Doug and Stewart giving Tony his 2nd treble of the campaign.  The doubles was, perhaps surprisingly, a very close fought game as Anchorians came back from 2 sets down to win 12-10 in the fifth and stretch their lead at the top to 7 points.


Boxley quickly got into their stride and romped into a 4-0 lead with wins for Paul Paulding over Alex Low and Jack Perham and single wins for Robert Czik over Jack and Jim Bradford over Michael Gibbs.  To their credit the youngsters of Furious stuck with it and shared the remaining games as Alex and Jack both beat Jim.  Both Paul and Robert completed their trebles, their 3rd and 1st trebles of the season respectively.  Once again showing their fighting spirit the youngsters of Furious recorded their first doubles win of the season in 4 sets.

  RAINHAM 4  3  UPNOR C  7

Pam Butcher recorded her 1st treble of the season in this win over Rainham 4.  Pam beat Graham Watts, John Caplen and Vic Hope.  With Dave West only losing to Vic and Brenda registering her 1st win of the year in beating Graham, plus a four set doubles win Upnor moved 1 place up the table in leapfrogging Rainham.  For Rainham there were wins for John and Vic over Brenda to go with Vic's victory over Dave.


PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-Pam Butcher who bounced back from a winless night the previous week  to win all three this week.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            WEEK 6

No change at the top as Anchorians still lead the way followed by Endurance, Hector and Gannet.  The bottom three are still as they were.  This coming week will be quite a battle as Gannet (4th) take on Anchorians (1st) and Endurance (2nd) entertain Hector (3rd).  Both these matches will be at the Howard on Tuesday.  Now to last weeks reports.


In the first match of the evening Dave West ended Malcolm Kay's unbeaten start and then went on to compile an impressive treble.  After this early setback Endurance came back to lead 3-1 as Sean Durkin, Roger Chipperfield and Malcolm beat Pam Butcher, Kathy Hall and Pam respectively.  This acted as a spur to Upnor as Dave beat Roger and Kathy beat Sean to level things up at 3-3.  Game 7 proved decisive as Roger came back from 2 set to 0 down to beat Pam and then Malcolm beat Kathy in straight sets only for Dave to beat Sean and make it 5-4 to Endurance with the doubles to come.  Malcolm and Roger then triumphed in five well-fought sets to make the final score 6-4 to Endurance.

  BOXLEY 3  6  HOWARD 8  4

Paul Paulding was the star for Boxley as he beat the Howard trio of  John Foulser, Lewis Browning and Paul Moss (at least John had some support this week).  Kevin Whittaker grabbed 2 for himself by beating John and Paul Moss and with Jim also beating Paul it was left to Lewis to get a brace and John to beat Jim in a hard fought five set battle to make the score close.  In the doubles Lewis and Paul Moss joined up to beat Paul Paulding and Jim to make the final score 6-4 to the home side.

  UPNOR D  0  RAINHAM  4  10

Things were much more one-sided at Frog Island on Tuesday night when Upnor D entertained Rainham 4 with the visitors given their hosts no quarter and emerging with a 10-0 win to lift themselves up the table.  The Rainham trio of Ron Weaver, Vic Hope and Graham Watts only allowed Upnor the luxury of two five set losses as Colin Hutchins took both Vic Hope and Graham all the way.  Elsewhere it was a fruitless night for Vic Whiting and Peter Edwards as both failed to register even one set.  With the doubles also being a 3 set victory Rainham returned from Frog Island very pleased with their nights work.


Perthaps the most surprising things that emerged from this match was the win of Alex Low over the much more experienced Tony Slater and also the fact that the youngsters from Furious took Anchorians to a fifth set in the doubles.  Gary Kimber and Jack Lolljawaheer both achieved trebles although Gary did drop the first  set to Jack Perham but both beat Michael Gibbs in three, as did Tony after his earlier shock.  As previously mentioned Anchorians also took the doubles and a 9-1 win.


Honours were even on the night as the two Chatham sides fought out a very good draw.  Glenn Back was the star of the night as he beat Asim Yusuf and Julian Barker and then ended Doug Murray's unbeaten record.  Asim and Doug both gave Zhang Jiao Tan a night to forget and also beat Min Jie Guo.  With Julian Barker also beating Min it was left to Glenn and Zhang to prove they are a very good doubles partnership as they beat Asim and Doug in five sets to earn Hector a very creditable draw.

                                                                               WEEK 5

Week 5 saw Anchorians 5 go to the top of the division closely followed by a trio of Chatham teams.  The bottom three are Upnor D, Chatham Furious and Howard 8.

  UPNOR C  9  UPNOR D  1

Upnor C started what mus tbe a sustained climb up the table as they showed their D team why they are the C and D are D with only Joanna Lam with a single victory over Pam Butcher giving Upnor D anything to smile about.  Trebles for Dave West and Kathy Hall and two for Pam consigned Upnor D in the shape of Joanna Lam, Vic Whiting and Mick Nicholls to remain at the bottom.  The doubles also went to Upnor C, but they were pushed all the way to an 11-5 in the fifth victory.

  RAINHAM 5  6  BOXLEY 3  4

The form book was thrown away at Rainham where their 5th team, led by Mark Mills, battled to a very good win over the previously unbeaten Boxley 3.  Mark recorded a treble over Bob Ellis, Paul Paulding and Jim Bradford.  Manu Malhotra chipped in with two wins, over Paul and Jim.  Bob Ellis also got a brace, for Boxley.  Paul gained a single for Boxley in beating Jaspal Singh who had earlier beaten Jim, leaving the latter pointless.  A consolation five set doubles win for Boxley gave the scoreline a more respectable look.


The match of the week at the Howard when no less than three 100% records and two unbeaten teams were put on the line.  Doug Murray kept his unbeaten record intact while inflicting first defeats on Paul Cullern and Roger Chipperfield, although Roger only lost 13-15 in the fifth.  Doug also beat Sean Durkin who also lost to Gareth Fox.  Unfortunately for Gannet Julian Barker had an "off" night and could not record a win.  With Paul and Roger recording doubles and Sean a single victory plus a four set win in the doubles for Endurance Doug won the battle but lost the war.


This match was one way traffic from the start as it took Furious until the sixth game to even win a set when Luke Barnard extended Min Jie Guo to a hard fought 17-15 win in the fifth.  Zhang Jiao Tan and Glenn Back both had perfect three set wins in all their games while Alex Low took Min to a fourth set.  The doubles was a familiar story as Hector triumphed in four sets to complete a whitewash over their clubmates.


Howard 8 did themselves no favours on Wednesday when only John Foulser arrived for Howard and couldn't even manage the consolation of a set in losing to Michael Barker, Gary Kimber and Jack Lolljawaheer.  As he couldn't play the doubles on his own Anchorians had what will surely be the easiest win they will have all season.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK;-John Foulser.  Anyone who turns up on his own and plays three matches against one of the strongest teams in that division deserves this award.

                                                                  ADDITION TO WEEK 1


Due to some misinformation this match was postponed from Week 1 and eventually played the first Charles Stampe week.  Doug Murray kept up his 100% record in beating Graham Watts, Pat Palmer and Vic Hope.  For Gannet Julian Barker also beat Pat but Stewart Day was unable to win any singles matches.  With Gannet winning the doubles in three closely fought sets and doubles for Graham and Vic and a single for Pat the match ended in a hard fought draw.

                                                                                 WEEK 4


  Top of the table are Chatham Endurance closely followed by Anchorians 5 and Chatham Hector.  Bringing up the rear at the moment are Upnor D and Chatham Furious.


  Rainham 5 arrived at Boxley on Monday with only two players.  Luckily one of those players was Ron Weaver who promptly won all his games and with Pat Palmer picking up a single against the winless Jim Bradford and then partnering Ron to the doubles win Rainham got a very creditable draw.  For Boxley Bob Ellis and Rob Czik both beat Pat but got their other three points through  forfeit.


  Chatham Gannet didn't show much club spirit in defeating their Chatham Furious club-mates on Tuesday.  Doug Murray got his third treble in as many games.  He was well backed up by Julian Barker and their "new boy" Gareth Fox who both got doubles.  The form of Jack Perham was the only bright spot for Furious as he beat both Julian and Gareth but Luke Barnard and Alex Low couldn't make any impression on Gannet.  The doubles was, perhaps, surprisingly close as Gannet only nicked it 15-13 in the fifth.


  The Chatham Endurance trio of Malcolm Kay, Sean Durkin and Roger Chipperfield enjoyed their night out on Frog Island on Tuesday as they completed their second 10-0 of the season in beating the luckless trio from Upnor of Peter Edwards, Mick Nicholls and Vic Whiting.  Mick Nicholls showed the best form for Upnor in taking Roger to 5 and taking a set from Sean.  Vic also won a set in losing to Sean.  Endurance also won the doubles in 3 straight to keep up their record of not dropping a set (it won't last).


  Chatham Hector are rapidly showing that they are going to be a force to be reckoned with this season as they beat Howard fairly comfortably on Tuesday.  Zhang Jiao Tan beat John Foulser, Lewis Browning and Callum Grice to continue her impressive start to the season.  Glenn Back got a brace and Ben Coake a single for Hector.  For Howard Lewis won two and John got a single in  beating Ben.  In the doubles Hector, in winning in 4 showed they are a strong doubles pairing and will have to be watched.


  For the second time this week a Rainham team turned up a player short but this time there was no happy ending as Anchorians made them pay.  Gary Kimber won both his matches and Tony Slater won one in beating Jaspal Singh Plaha.   Manu Malhotra beat both Roger Sayer and Tony and Jaspal also beat Roger.  With Anchorians also winning the doubles they ran out easy winners.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-Ron Weaver for a good treble that earned his team a good draw at Boxley.


                                                                        WEEK 3

  The division is gradually sorting itself out and early front runners are emerging  The usual faces are there but there are some who might not be expected to be making such an impact.


A bit of history occurred on Monday at Rainham when for the first time Chatham fielded a team made up entirely from one family.  Zhong Jiao Tan, Liu Yun Guo and Min Jie Guo all played for Chatham and the family team did very well with Zhang and Liu both getting trebles and with Min getting a solitary win  plus a straight sets doubles win Hector ran out 8-2 winners.  For Rainham Bob Mahon and Jaspal Plaha both beat Min but Chris Nicholas is still waiting to get his season started.


With Upnor fielding an understrength team and Boxley fielding a strong one this result might have been foreseen.  Paul Paulding with three led the way for Boxley  with Kevin Whittaker and Jim Bradford getting two and one respectively plus a four set doubles win Boxley ran out fairly comfortable winners.  Only Pam Butchers double-only losing to Paul in her first match and a single for Peter Edwards over Jim Bradford gave Upnor something to celebrate as Brenda Aherne is having a poor start to her season.


Jack Lolljawaheer led the way for Anchorians with his first treble of the season and Gary Kimber chipped in with a double.  Anchorians also won the doubles to eke out a close victory.  For Rainham Ron Weaver got two and Pat Palmer and John Caplen chippe in with a single apiece beating the winless John Barker.  Anchorians will be glad to get this match against their near neighbours out of the way and, for the moment, claim bragging rights.


Endurance continued their good start to the season as Paul Cullern and Malcolm Kay got three and, making his first appearance, Sean Durkin only lost to Alex Low who got Furious' only win.  For Furious Michael Gibbs and Connor Spree, although putting up a good performance, were unable to get a win.  Malcolm and Paul also got together and won the doubles in three.


This was another closely fought encounter and Doug Murray, the old war horse, showed that he is still a force to be reckoned with as he got a treble.  He was well backed up by a relative newcomer just back from Uni in Julian Barker who got two including a good win over Lewis Browning.  Stewart Day couldn't add to Gannet's total although he did partner Doug to the double win in four over Paul Moss and John Foulser.  Paul won two for Howard, only losing to Doug and Lewis and John both beat Stewart to make the score look respectable.

PLAYEROF THE WEEK:-Jack Lolljawaheer for an impressive treble which included a win against Ron Weaver.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   WEEK2 

Welcome to the second weeks reports (I am gradually catching up)


Having sat out the first week, Boxley got their season of to a good start with an emphatic win over Upnor D.  Trebles for Bob Ellis and Paul Paulding plus a double for Jim Bradford which were added to with a three set doubles win saw Boxley home in good style.   For Upnor only Joanna Lam's victory over Jim gave Upnor anything to smile about and Colin Hutchins and Mick Nicholls saw their efforts go unrewarded.


  Chatham Hector showed that their first week draw with Upnor C was no fluke by gaining another draw-this time against a strong Rainham 4 side.  Glenn Back, on his debut got a brace with Ben Coake and Liu Yun Guo getting singles.  Chatham also won the doubles in three sets.  For Rainham Ron Weaver got a hat-trick and Vic Hope a double but John Caplen had a "bad day at the office" and failed to trouble the scorers.


  On the adjoining table to their club-mates Rainham 5 were faring less well as the slumped to a loss to Hector.  Mark Mills starred for Rainham with a double, only losing to Doug Murray who grabbed a treble for Chatham.  Jaspal Plaha got Rainham's only other point by beating Stewart Day.  Liu Yun Guo, playing his second game of the night did better for his adopted team by getting a double at the expense of Jaspal and Chris Nicholas, who finished the evening winless.  Gannet won the doubles in three sets to start their season off well.


  Lewis Browning made his first appearance of the season for Howard and showed how much they missed him in the first week by gaining a good treble.  Paul Moss seemed to appreciate the support of Lewis and got a brace.  This left John Foulser as the only player to finish without a win.  For Chatham Jack Perham got two, only losing to Lewis.  Connor Spree and Luke Barnard both had four set wins over John and with Howard winning the doubles in three they got a narrow win.


  This was a match between two of the more fancied teams in this division and resulted in a narrow win for the home team thanks to a treble from Tony Slater(welcome back Tony).  He was backed up by a double for Jack Lolljawaheer and a single from Gary Kimber.  For Upnor Dave West got two, Kathy Hall got a sole win in her last singles of the night but Pam Butcher could not emulate Kathy's win and it was left to Dave and Kathy to win the doubles in five highly competitive sets to ensure Anchorians only got the narrowest of wins.

  PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-Tony Slater with a very good treble against a strong Upnor side.

                                                                                 WEEK 1


  Hello everyone and welcome to the first reports for the 2016-17 season.

  Firstly an apology for the long wait you have had due to the new website.

  Secondly  a warm welcome back to all our old friends, especially those who have missed a couple of seasons, and a very warm welcome to new players to the league this season.

  Now to the reports.


  The season kicked off at Rainham on Monday 19/9 with a match that showed how far the youngsters of Chatham have come in the off season and an impressive start by a new player.  Jaspal Singh Plaha immediately showed his potential by getting a hat-trick against the Furious team of Jack Perham, Michael Gibbs and Alex Low.  Mark Mills got a brace for Rainham by winning against Michael and Alex.  Chris Nicholas could not add to Rainhams total but did partner Mark to a straight sets doubles win.


  This was a match between a well-established team and a new team who showed a lot of promise.  Nobody, on the night could win three, but there were doubles for Dave West and Kathy Hall for Upnor and Ben Coake and Zhong Jiao Tan for Chatham.  Dave lost the opener to Ben who lost his chance of a treble to Kathy.  Zhong also won her first two games only to lose to Dave in the final singles.  Liu Yun Guo beat Brenda Aherne for a single which meant that Brenda didn't start the season off well.  Upnor won the doubles in five to force the draw having been 5-2 down after 7 games.


  Anchorians got their season off to a good start with a win at Upnor D.  Gary Kimber got a hat-trick and was backed up by braces from Jack Lolljawaheer and Roger Sayer.  For Upnor Colin Hutchins beat Jack and Joanna Lam beat Roger with Mick Nicholls finishing the evening winless.  Upnor made the score look a bit more respectable by winning the doubles in four.


  Endurance got their season off to a flying start with a completely unseen whitewash of Howard 8-a team that had given them two close games last season.  Malcolm Kay, Paul Cullern and Roger Chipperfield were in almost unstoppable form with Howard 8 only having a close five set match between Roger and Malcolm Cartwright and Jojn Foulser took Malcolm to four.  Paul won all his games in 3 straight sets.  With the doubles also going to Endurance in 3 it completed an emphatic victory.

  PLAYER OF THE WEEK:-Jaspal Singh Plaha with a fine treble in  his first match.

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