Charles Stampe Trophy - Final Report

Upnor 'A'  v Anchorians 3

Held at Sturdee TT Club-Newington Village Hall on Monday, 3rd April, 2017

The final of the Charles Stampe Trophy was held at the above venue and was very well attended by family, friends and club mates from both clubs as well as VIPs and interested neutrals which amounted to approximately 35-40 people.

After a very well contested match Anchorians finally took the honours in coming out on top by 353 points to Upnor’ s 324-a winning margin of 29 points, which did not truly reflect the closeness of the individual matches.

GAME ONE:-David Gracey v. Paul Norman

Anchorians got off to the best possible start when Paul got the better of David in a match which showed that both players were suffering a little bit from nerves.  With the players equally handicapped Paul won the first set 21-17 which helped him to calm down and he confidently took the second set 21-12 giving Anchorians a 13 point advantage 42-29.

GAME TWO:-Shane Jarrett v. Jeff Norman

With Shane giving Jeff just 1 point each set this was expected to be a close encounter and so it proved with Shane edging the first set 21-18.  However in the second set Jeff's steadier play proved to be the deciding factor and he took the second set 21-14 to extend Anchorians advantage by 6 points to 83-64.

GAME THREE:-Marylyn Dudgeon v. Sean McMillan

Again both players were equally handicapped but Sean came out of the blocks well and his backhand was the vital factor as he played a lot of drives from this side which Marylyn had no answer to and Sean took both sets-21-16,21-17 to further extend Anchorians lead to 125-97.

GAME FOUR:-Shane Jarrett v. Paul Norman

Shane made up for his earlier setback by coming out with all guns blazing and made light work of the first set in which he was giving Paul 4 points and easily won it 21-8.  Paul fought well in the second set and despite an improvement in form still dropped the set 21-15.  Advantage to Anchorians had been trimmed to 156-139.

GAME FIVE:-David Gracey v.  Sean McMillan

This proved to be the closest game so far with Sean giving David just 1 point in each set and the handicap was just about right with Sean winning both sets but only 21-16,21-19 again with his backhand proving to be his strongest asset.  Anchorians extended their lead again to 198-176.

GAME SIX:-Marylyn Dudgeon v. Jeff Norman

This was the proverbial game of two halves with Jeff giving Marylyn 2 points each set.  Marylyn started the stronger and took the first set 21-19.  Jeff, however, came back strongly and took the second set 21-14.  When the dust had settled Jeff had won the game 40-39 to give Anchorians a 238-215 advantage.

GAME SEVEN:-Shane Jarrett v. Sean McMillan

Shane had to give Sean 3 points each set and the first set was a nail-biting 21-17 advantage to Shane.  This seemed to settle Shane and he took the second 21-12 to trim Anchorians advantage to 273-257.

GAME EIGHT:-Marylyn Dudgeon v. Paul Norman

For the first time in the evening Marylyn had to give points and Paul had to be at his best as Marylyn showed some lovely touches with some great drop shots and Marylyn just won the first set 21-19 meaning that the points difference was the same as when they started.  Sensing that victory in the match was close Paul played his best table tennis of the evening and ran away with the second set 21-12 to give Anchorians what looked to be an unassailable 315-290 advantage with just one game left.

GAME NINE:-David Gracey v. Jeff Norman

The very difficult task of trying to pull back 25 points quickly became an impossible one as Jeff romped away with the first set 21-7.  Knowing that victory was in the bag Jeff relaxed and David got a consolation set to the tune of 21-17 which meant that the title went to Anchorians by a margin of 29 points 353-329.

It had been a thoroughly entertaining and friendly evening and it was just left to Diane and Cheryl, Charlie Stampe's daughters to present the winners and runners-up with their trophies and with the possible exception of the Upnor contingent everyone went away happy.

Malcolm Kay

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