Charles Stampe Results and Fixtures 2016-2017

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Charles Stampe Trophy - First Round
Chatham BelfastvAnchorians 3337446
Howard 6vLuton Invicta 3416356
ParkwoodvCliffe Woods1W/O
Howard 8vLuton Invicta 4W/O
Sturdee 2vHoward 7352436
Anchorians 4vAnchorians 2358376
Anchorians 1vHoward 4346361
Upnor cvChatham Dorset338380
Upnor DvChatham Hector274362
Howard 3vHoward 1376372
Boxley 2vUpnor A298330
Boxley 3vChatham Cumberland308353
Charles Stampe Trophy - Second Round Results
Anchorians 5  vSturdee 3W/O
Rainham 4  vHoward 6330368
Upnor B  vCliffe Woods 3361321
Rainham 5  vParkwood343375
Luton Invicta 4  vChatham Furious372355
Howard 5  vHoward 7363407
Anchorians 3  vSturdee 4358336
Rainham 1  vAnchorians 2346344
Howard 4  vLuton Invicta 5375381
Chatham Ark Royal  vChatham Dorset374412
Chatham Gannet  vHoward 2W/O
Chatham Endurance  vChatham Hector337333
Howard 3 vLuton Invicta 2344377
Rainham 3  vUpnor A317375
Boxley 1  vRainham 2325369
Cliffe Woods 2  vChatham Cumberland373395
Charles Stampe Trophy - Third Round Results
Howard 6vAnchorians 5368377
ParkwoodvUpnor B322337
Howard 7vLuton Invicta 4339360
Rainham 1vAnchorians 3330343
Luton Invicta 5vChatham Dorset330358
Howard 2vChatham EnduranceW/O
Upnor AvLuton Invicta 2377363
Chatham CumberlandvRainham 2348369
Charles Stampe Trophy - Quarter-Final Results
Upnor BvAnchorians 5346352
Anchorians 3vLuton Invicta 4355313
Chatham DorsetvChatham Endurance336359
Rainham 2vUpnor A322324
Charles Stampe Trophy - Semi-Final Results
Anchorians 5vAnchorians 3
Upnor AvChatham Endurance
Charles Stampe Trophy - Final
Anchorians 3vUpnor A353324
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